Path to Diversified Investing

Evoge presents a diverse array of mutual funds customized to match your investment goals and risk tolerance. Our expert team meticulously curates a selection from leading fund houses, ensuring access to top-tier investment options.

Whether your aim is wealth growth, passive income generation, or goal-specific savings, Evoge offers personalized guidance to construct a diversified mutual fund portfolio. 

Explore Evoge's Diverse Fund Offerings

Equity Fund

Invest in growth potential with Evoge's Equity Funds, curated for long-term wealth accumulation through strategic investments in high-performing stocks.

Debt Fund

Secure steady returns with Evoge's Debt Funds, offering stability and income generation through investments in fixed-income securities.


Save on taxes while maximizing returns with Evoge's ELSS Funds, providing a dual benefit of tax savings and potential wealth growth through diversified equity investments.

Small Cap Fund

Explore growth opportunities with Evoge's Small Cap Funds, designed to invest in small-sized companies with high growth potential for maximizing returns.

Balanced Fund

Achieve balance and stability with Evoge's Balanced Funds, offering a mix of equities and debt instruments to suit various risk profiles and investment objectives.

Large Cap Fund

Invest in stability and growth potential with Evoge's Large Cap Funds, focusing on established companies with strong fundamentals for consistent returns over the long term.