Navigating Global Opportunities

Evoge specializes in tailored investment solutions for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of cross-border investments. 

By understanding your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon, we provide personalized support to navigate the global investment landscape with precision.

Customized Investment Solutions

We offer a diversified range of investment options to NRIs, ensuring your portfolio is balanced and aligned with your financial goals. Our investment solutions include:


Access to global and Indian stock markets to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Fixed Income

Investment in bonds, fixed deposits, and other debt instruments for stable returns.

Mutual Funds

A variety of mutual fund options managed by top fund houses, catering to different risk profiles and investment objectives.

Real Estate

Guidance on investing in Indian and international real estate markets to diversify your portfolio further.

Risk Management and Compliance

Understanding and managing risks is crucial for successful investing, especially in volatile markets. Our risk management strategies include:


Spreading investments across various asset classes and geographies to reduce risk.

Regular Reviews

Periodic portfolio reviews to assess performance and make necessary adjustments.

Hedging Strategies

Utilizing financial instruments to protect against currency fluctuations and market downturns.